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It is the right and duty of every intelligent American to ask questions.
Here are Answers with the latest proof of the Moon Landing by the USA.

Many Americans doubt if the US really landed on the Moon.
If we could go there in 1969, why not over 40 year later?
Could the astronauts withstand the radiation of the Van Allen Belt?
The shadows and size of the sun raise valid questions.
The questions are reasonable, and show an active mind.
After The Maine, LBJ / JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, Watergate,
WTC 7 on 9/11 and other Government lies and cover ups, who can blame them?
This page is to help show the latest answers.

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NASA - National Aeronautic and Space Administration
● The web pages of
www.NASA.Gov need more words or text so Google and other search engines can pick them up.
   They use sophisticated database driven web pages which look nice, but are difficult for search engines to index. 
● This page is intended to help, by including plenty of key words and text using simple HTML. 
● NASA uses long links which  are hard to remember.  Moonlanding.US is easy to convey and talk about.
● Put a "Proof of Moon Landing" link right up on top of the home page of NASA.Gov
   Make it easy to find.  Don't assume so much intelligence by those who doubt the Moon landing.

These photos are nice, but not enough. 
People question the way the shadows go, and other details.
Mythbusters Moon Landing photo hoax 1 MythBusters of the Discovery TV Channel did a good job, of answering some questions
but still there are more questions, and those who doubt
Documentary - Moon Landing Hoax - Conspiracy Theory - part (1) People have  made several documentaries, and raised questions,
which they totally have the right to do
Bart Sibrel Flagged Off By Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11) Bart Sibrel Being Hooked by Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11)Some have  questioned to the point of harassment of Apollo astronauts
which is taking things a bit too far.  Questions are totally ok and patriotic.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have had to endure and defend against insults.
How can we find better proof than just photos, which can be so easily altered?
How can we better inform the public and make the evidence more available,
so Bart Sibrel will not have to hit Buzz's fist with his face to prove his patriotism?
JAXA/KAGUYA Earth-Rise and Earth-Set image over the moon


We welcome encouragement and questions to Astronaut YamazakiOther countries are o new objective source of the needed proof.
Japan (JAXA) sent a KAGUYA (SELENE) satellite with HDTV Cam
JAXA/Kaguya Earth-Rise and Earth-Set image over the Moon
Apollo 17 landing site and Posidonius Crater
Apollo 15 terrain video
Japan, please zoom in more on the Apollo sites! 
どうもありがとう。 Dōmo arigatō. (Thank you)
India's Moon probe. Questions: Did we land? UFO structures ? India's Moon Mission. Questions: Water on moon ? UFO structures ?India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has a satellite project going, called Chandrayaan (Moon Journey). 

We will post the photos as soon as they are available.

Top 5 Proofs that the Moon Landing Happened (Men's Magazine)
1. We went 9 times - again and again, each time makes room for mistakes
2. No one on the inside of NASA disputed it, only those outside.
3. Rock samples are acknowledged as being non-terrestrial by scientists
4. The sheer number of
photographs from different angles
5. The rival Soviet Union and Russia Space Agency verified it 
Hubble telescope "views" Apollo 17 landing site. Hubble Telescope 3D view of Apollo 17 landing site
Proof we went to the moon This experiment, dropping a feather and a hammer at the same time
can only be done like this in a vacuum in 1/6 gravity
David Griscom Moon rocks could not have been faked

David Griscom PhD (Physics, Brown University) studied the moon rocks and determined that they are unique to the moon, and could not have been replicated on Earth, even with today's technology.


Final Proof The Moon Landing Was A Hoax Selene Kaguya's Word on Apollo 15Some who doubt the official story have a good sense of humor. :)

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Photos

Apollo 11 landing site
, showing the Lunar Module (LM) and 4 legs.

Apollo 11 landing site
near West Crater on the Moon

2 x Enlargment, showing Apollo TV camera, LRRR, PSE, near Little West crater

All images credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Arizona State University
Labeled LROC image of Apollo 11 landing site Apollo 11 lunar module, Eagle.
Image width: 282 meters (about 925 ft.)
Larger image
Labeled LROC image of Apollo 15 landing site Apollo 15 lunar module, Falcon.
Image width: 384 meters (about 1,260 ft.)
Larger image
Labeled LROC image of Apollo 16 landing site Apollo 16 lunar module, Orion.
Image width: 256 meters (about 840 ft.)
Larger image
Labeled LROC image of Apollo 17 landing site Apollo 17 lunar module, Challenger.
Image width: 359 meters (about 1,178 ft.)
Larger image
Labeled LROC image of Apollo 14 landing site Apollo 14 lunar module, Antares.
Image width: 538 meters (about 1,765 ft.)
Larger image
Labeled LROC image of Apollo 14 landing site





Web site Problems
● NASA.Gov does not make it easy to find photos from the LRO satellite of Apollo landing sites.
● This has resulted in widespread doubt whether the USA even landed on the moon.
● Brave Apollo astronauts have even been insulted and taunted by Moon Landing doubters.
● Most of the Google references, on the first page for "Moon Landing", are about an alleged hoax.
● NASA.Gov has not done enough to inspire more missions to the Moon

Proposed Solutions:
This web site



There is no such thing as a dumb question.

It is still a good question that:
"If we could go in 1969, why is it taking over 40 years to go again?"

Stop the wars.  Use the money for space.

We don't need a base in Iraq.
We need a base on the Moon.

Write Your Congressman a short email Now


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